NTLK Newton Alarm Problem

From: Nick Howard (lists@timen.com)
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 18:48:01 EST

Hi all

For those that may have been curious as to the Newton Alarm Problem - I
solved it finally.

The problem was not a recurring task from 1904 (which I checked) but for
some reason my birthday (but not the name I use in the Newton owner info)
decided that from 2019 it would remind me 5400xxx (however many) minutes in
advance that it was my birthday then and the alarm box would close.

The big problem was getting to the dialouge box to finally kill the
repeating alarm because the alarm kept getting in the way all the while
Newton buzzed at me.

Hope this helps other people if they come across the same problem - don't
just look back!



Nick Howard
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