Re: NTLK My Backlight

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 18:44:45 EST

Hi Roger,

The warranty won't cover it, if you tell them you dropped it. The backlight
module is a separate assembly, but I don't think Apple will sell you one.
They will happily fix it for you...for $189.65 USD :P

You might check with Dave Watson (Dr. Newton - - He's helped other people in the past
with problems like this.



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From: (Roger Milne)
To: Newton Talk <>
Subject: NTLK My Backlight
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 12:27:53 -0800

     I dropped my MP2K this morning from a grand total of no more than
knee height, inside a soft jacket, inside a padded backpack, and it
broke my backlight?!?!?!?!? Piss me off. Anyone have any
recomendations what to do now? Is it something that's servicable in any
way? I have an electronics degree, but am still a little affraid to go
deeper in the the newt than just removing the back cover. I have the
warrenty too, which was extended by having the MP2100 upgrade, was it
not? Would this cover the fix?


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