Re: NTLK Tactile Systems Shame

From: Khaled M. Z. Tewfik (
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 12:45:05 EST

John Powel wrote:
More than a year now. Rob Bruce has gotten in touch with
me a couple times, but no further contact. I've tried various
numbers... to no avail. I understand he needs to put food on
the table, but some of us would like to PAY for his software!

Thank you John for sharing with me your ideas and taking time to respond to my posting.

I have no problem with Mr. Bruce of Tactile having to put food on the Table, but I still think he has an obligation toward those who paid for his products, and the solutions are not that complicated.

He can put his programs in the public domain or at least he can mail all those who paid for his software a universal key code, he must have a universal key code and he sure has a data base of his clients.

As for continuing to sell new software, he can have that arranged through KAGI or Un Boxed, same as what Pelican Ware did. So he can focus on puting bread on the table and have others sell his software.

By any measure Tactile is sot keeping its end of the deal towards its customers.

As for hacks thnt may enable the games to continue for ever in demo mode, I am not interested in that. I do not want to pay for another software I do not need like SBM utilities just to get what is mine working.

Note, I did discover that restoring my system information restores the normal operation or Tactile packages. But that defeated the purpose of the brain wipe I did at the first place (that also restored the original folder assignments and other things I wanted to get rid off, and many of the files ended up in unfiled items, and I had to manualy re file them).

With carefull planning one might be able to back up/ wipe/ and restore, to not lose Tactile packages. But the question remains why should I go through all that trouble, why would not Tactile do what it is supposed to do for its clients.

Dr. Khaled M. Tewfik,
Saudi Arabia

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