NTLK Tactile Systems Shame

From: Khaled Tewfik (khaledt@earthlink.net)
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 07:22:47 EST

Hi to all:

First off, I would like to thank all who are making this list possible. I
would say that a subscription to this list is a must for any Newton user.

Now to the subject of this posting:

I'm quite dissatisfied with the treatment we the Newton community are
getting from Tactile systems. There have been lots of posts before on the
state of Tactile Systems and some readers assured us that Tactile is still

Well, I do not know, but I am sure that Tactile is no longer around, or if
they are then they do not care about us. But dead or not, Tactile have an
obligation toward those who paid their hard earned cash for their products.

Case of Point:

I have done a brain wash to my newt MP2Ku, and as I reinstalled back each of
my essential software I was able to re register it (entering the reg. codes)
no problem (stand Alone packages did not even require re-registrations- very
clever of them), but the same is not true for Tactile packages. Tactile
registration codes are not a function, as it seems, of the owner name in the
"owner info" package, but are rather based on codes that are generated by
the packages them selves, and it appears that that the code are randomly

As such, when I entered my registration code for the "land mines" game, the
code was not accepted even though that it is the exact same code I used
before at the first place to unlock the game.

I could live without this mine sweeping game, but what I found to be
unacceptable was me being unable to unlock "World Conquest," which is my top
favorite Board Game as a kid, and My top favorite Newton game as a father of
3. World Conquest on the Newton was always a sure way of fun for me and my
sons during all times (particularly during power outages and long flights).

I can not accept not being able to use a software that I paid for. Tactile
by choosing such a bizarre registration scheme has an eternal obligation to
me as long as I own and use Newtons.

I e-mailed Tactile and I even phoned them all the way from Saudi Arabia,
left my e-mail address and described the problem, but they did not seem to
care to respond.

I have no problem if they do not want to sell more Newton packages (I also
tried before to buy Newtetris from their web site 2 months ago, I placed the
order via a credit card, the card was never charged and I did not receive a
response since), that is their privilege.

But for product that I have already paid for they have to either give me my
money back or provide me with valid resignation unlock codes.

Thanks to the fine people behind this list for giving me a space to vent off
my frustrations.

Dr. Khaled Tewfik
Saudi Arabia

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