Re: NTLK X-Port 2.0/2.1 question

From: Dan Rowley (
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 20:18:04 EST

    I haven't seen what Oz is selling, but I'm not sure we ever sold JUST
mac or JUST windows versions of X-Port. Certainly, if anybody bought one
and needed the other, we just sent it to them, but I seem to recall that at
least for awhile, we were shipping both versions in one box. I do know that
until I started selling the electronic-only versions of X-Port online, we
never sold X-Port in anything but the full packaging (box, manual, etc), so
if somebody is selling purported stripped 'oem' versions, I'm almost
positive these never existed.
    As for the differences between 2.0 and 2.1, here are the notes from the
web site:

General enhancements:

1. Improved filename support (imported notes are titled with their
filename, and vice-versa)
2. The ability to import spreadsheets (in delimited text format) to
QuickFigure works.
3. Enhancements to the custom names import/export facility, including the
addition of new fields (afilliates, multiple addresses, etc), and a
streamlining of the import/putaway process for these files.
4. Various fixes, including fixes to package-export and BMP creation.
5. Significant updates to RTF export which allow the user more control
over the RTF export process. Example: EnRoute users can now use X-Port to
create RTF files which can now be emailed.
6. Support for a wider range of BMP files - 1,2,4, and 8 bit-depth BMPs
are supported, as are PICTs of virtually any depth.
7. Support for the import of color BMPs for display in PelicanWare's
8. Fixed situation where putaway-image-to-notepad which could cause notes
to be created which were visible, but would cause an NCU export to fail.
9. Fixed some issues in the RTF extensions.
10. Fixed a couple of memory leaks in RTF extensions.
11. Added progress dialogs to the RTF extensions.
12. Fixes problem in 2.0 release version where multi-item exports would
13. Fixes problem in 2.0 release where "looking for Newton" dialog would
erroneously reappear after downloading a file to the Newton when "batch
mode" was enabled.

 14. Added three new RTF prefs, all of which apply only to the notes (not
Works) RTF, and only to the "standard" RTF (not the "word" RTF). They
control how close images have to be before they are combined, how images are
combined, and whether text is allowed to be combined with images. The latter
is useful if you don't care to preserve editable text, but want to keep the
correct relationship between text and graphics (as in a map or something).
These prefs are in X-Port prefs, under the "Other Options" button.  
15. Added support for multiple addresses, as well as affiliates in the
custom names import/export format (XPCUSTOM.  
16. Added XPCUSTOM formats to the standard putaway dialog, so you don't have
to edit the file manually when importing using a custom names format (though
you still can, if you want it to be translated automatically.  
17. Added the ability to strip out CRs when mass-exporting names or dates,
because some users reported that their PIM couldn't handle embedded CRs,
even when quoted. On import, X-Port handles embedded CRs just fine.  

Changes Specific to the Macintosh application:

1. Serial Port menu now reflects actual ports installed on your machine,
including machines with MacOS localized for languages other than English.
2. Improved AppleTalk performance
3. "Send X-Port" now brings up a multi-file-selection dialog instead of
single-file-selection, so you can send multiple files without using drag and
4. Support in MacOS version for downloading multiple files at once
without using drag and drop (as in the Windows version).
5. Drag manager support. Drop file(s) right on the open X-Port window, or
on the finder icon.
6. Improved bit-depth detection of incoming PICTs.
7. Fixed issue which caused filenames to be corrupted when a file with a
long filename was followed by one with a shorter name

Changes Specific to the Windows application:

1. New Win32 (Win95/NT) version now supports long filenames

2. Fixed issues with BMP creation code which could cause bad BMPs to be
created from some source PICTs.

> I see that NewtOz is selling inexpensive copies of X-Port which he
> labels as "2.0 MAC".

> A couplea questions:
> 1. Is there an appreciable difference between 2.0 that Oz is selling
> and 2.1 which is the current version being sold by Landware?
> 2. Does this package come with Macintosh client software ONLY, or
> both Mac and Windows?

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