NTLK X-Port 2.0/2.1 question

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (jbond@netcom.com)
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 00:52:07 EST


I see that NewtOz is selling inexpensive copies of X-Port which he
labels as "2.0 MAC". I'm definitely going to buy 3.0 when it comes
out but was thinking that, for the price, this might be nice to have
in the interim

A couplea questions:

1. Is there an appreciable difference between 2.0 that Oz is selling
and 2.1 which is the current version being sold by Landware?

2. Does this package come with Macintosh client software ONLY, or
both Mac and Windows?

Again, I will definitely support Landware and pay for 3.0 when it
becomes available, but since I have been waiting for that version I
thought this would be useful to have and use in the meantime.



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