Re: NTLK Error 77 (was: Re: Uh oh.)

From: Larry Cafiero (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 03:13:56 EST

Paul Guyot wrote:

> It is not. It can be found on:
> * ThisOldNewt: <>
> * Chris Stephens' site: <>
> * Info-Newt: <>
Thanks. I'll make a note of it and go from there.
> Actually, I wanted a FAQ because of the huge amount of frequent questions I
> got tired of answering.
Interesting. I've been a member of this list for a couple of years now,
and the only reason I brought up my question is because I couldn't find
an answer at Planet Newton and, secondly, I had never seen it answered
on this mailing list before. It goes without saying that your efforts,
as well as those of Steve Weyer (especially Steve), Chris Stephens and
others, are deeply appreciated within those in the Newton community who
are not, to put it tactfully, technically inclined (and forgive me if
I've left other important people out). But I'm sorry you feel that
answering questions is such a burden, Paul. If I could answer technical
questions (and on the odd time that I can), I would (and sometimes do).
> Maybe we could add a line in the footer of every NTLK message to remind
> people of the existence of the FAQ, for a monthly reminder & a monthly post
> on csnm does not seems enough.
This is a good idea, and I am all for it. Seriously. That way, those
of us who ask one question every two years can go to the FAQ and leave
the list free for important things, like the Sim City Game Challenge. =)

Larry Cafiero
Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan
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