Re: NTLK Error 77 (was: Re: Uh oh.)

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 08:50:36 EST

Larry Cafiero <> wrote:
>Hey, Paul!
>Thanks for the info. I'm assuming your FAQ is on your site below, which
>I'll go to in a minute.
It is not. It can be found on:
* ThisOldNewt: <>
* Chris Stephens' site: <>
* Info-Newt: <>

Actually, I wanted a FAQ because of the huge amount of frequent questions I
got tired of answering. Some people here were involved in the first draft
of the 'FAQ for the Newton Community', including Steve Weyer (who answers a
lot of frequent questions), Sean Luke and Peter Rand. Originally, I thought
it could be hosted on planetnewton, but Laura never found the time to put
it there.
Actually, older FAQs existed for the Newton, but the few questions we
forgot were finally added to this new one. It happened to me to do the
maintaining and to write the first draft, but actually, it was more a job
of collecting answers than anything else.
P&M Consulting is not involved at all in this, at least because it is
global and that the only contributor of the FAQ from P&M Consulting is me.
Hence I thought it would be better to have it hosted on general interest
I send it monthly (with changes) to the maintainers of the sites (Rich
Lindsay for TON, Bill Davis for Info-Newt & of course Chris Stephens). If
anyone else want to have it on his/her site I can send the HTML version to
them, too. (just another name in the CC field).

Maybe we could add a line in the footer of every NTLK message to remind
people of the existence of the FAQ, for a monthly reminder & a monthly post
on csnm does not seems enough.

>However, I'm curious about something: It seems
>that every error message I've ever gotten has been a negative number,
>with the exception of a few 1's. Any reason for the negative numbering?
No idea of why they chose negative numbers on MacOS, although positive
numbers are very different from negative numbers.

On Newton OS, they probably chose negative numbers because of MacOS.
Besides, the number is not all. When I said that positive numbers were bus
errors, it is just because it is the most frequent case. But the kind of
error is in fact determined by the exception thrown (evt.ex.abt.bus for bus



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