NTLK www.palmzip.com?

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (jbond@netcom.com)
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 01:30:55 EST

Greetings fellow Newton refugees!

I have been trying to use www.palmzip.com from Newt'sCape ever since
Steve released the awesome Palm DOC viewer.

Unfortunately, I can never get it to work from Newt'sCape, although
it works fine from a desktop browser.

The problem occurs AFTER I enter the URL of the .zip file and press
"Go". On a desktop browser, I get a page with a hyperlink to the .pdb
(or whatever extension is in the .zip archive). In Newt'sCape, I get
a "404 Not Found" error. I have tried a few different settings but it
doesn't ever work.

I guess the problem might be related to a redirect. FWIW, one recent
test resulted in a URL of

Has anyone hit on a magic pref combination that allows this to work?
 From what I can tell, this would be extremely useful, not only for
Palm DOCs but also other Newton accessible data stored in .zip
archives which formerly required expansion on a desktop, i.e. .gif,
.jpg, even .pkg!



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