NTLK Re: newtontalk V1 #185

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (jbond@netcom.com)
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 01:13:54 EST

At 12:11 AM -0500 12/17/99, NewtonTalk wrote:
>Have anyone tried SimpleMail 4.0? Did you discover any bugs in the beta
>version? I'm trying to gather as much info as I can for Simon Bell because I
>think he's really doing a good service for the Newton Community. The
>software is Freeware and I'm trying to keep the momentum he currently has in
>the development of SimpleMail. New features include filtering, Image viewer
>(jpegs/gif), Audio player, open to In or Out Box selection, Reply prefix
>options, You have mail sound notification, text putaway options and a few
>other niceties in the preference.

Yes, I tried it. I'm very excited about the future of this great
program but found a few glitches in this "thrill seekers only"

First, it does seem to download more slowly than Simple Mail 3.3. I
didn't time it, but it definitely "felt" slower.

Second, it doesn't catch new messages. I have "leave on server"
ticked and with 3.3 it always finds new messages on the POP3 server
(that is, new to SimpleMail -- it ignores the POP3 Read/Unread status
thank goodness). 4.0thrillseeker intermittently doesn't detect the
new messages.

Finally, I got e-mailed .wavs to play fine (and all I can say to this
is WOW!!!!!) but e-mailing AIFFs resulted in the stationary saying
something like "Unknown type application/octet-stream" or
"application/applefile", and e-mailing mUlaw sounds resulted in
"Unknown type audio/basic". Probably just a MIME type issue.
E-mailing .gif and .jpeg files worked intermittently. Sometimes the
stationary would show the image (and when it does, it has a way cool
viewer that lets you zoom in/out and toggle whether it shrinks the
image to fit the screen. VERY nifty!). Other times I got the same
kind of message about unknown type, although I could tap the Routing
button and select Newt'sCape:Open and the image would be opened and
viewed in Newt'sCape just fine. Images and sounds transferred via
NewtFTP do NOT appear in the stationary, although images transferred
this way can be opened in Newt'sCape using the standard procedure.

There is no provision for "putting away" images or sounds. As a
feature enhancement, it would be nice to be able to put away an image
to Newt Works, Notepad, PhotoShow, or Point Pro. I'm not sure where
you would put sounds away to -- possibly the notepad as sound

Bottom line, this preview version lives up to its billing as "for
thrill seekers". It is indeed a thrill and once the inevitable kinks
are ironed out it's time to celebrate!

Hats off to Simon!


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