Book Conversion (was NTLK A Christmas Gift)

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Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 00:49:15 EST

>> On the subject of Newton books. I know many are out there but I would
>> like to think about starting an archive for the Newton Press files,
>> so that others can take books and reformat them for MP 2000 or for
>> 120, as needed. I would love to have the Sherlock Holmes series to
>> read, but he small screen size of the current books is too small. If
>> the Newton Book files were available, I could just redo them and read.

my question, would it be possible to create a program similar to the
NewtCompFlag program which resets a bit to create packages that are
compressed when stored on the newton, except it would convert books from
1x0 to 2x00 landscape or portrait and vice versa?

this would be really handy.

not sure if it's possible or not but seems to me it should work along the
same lines.

of course actual experience may prove me wrong...



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