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> >I have a MP120 running NOS 2.0. Yesterday I turned it on and noticed
> >all of my Icons in the date book have turned from flags for all day
> >to a space ships. Meetings were two people talking but now they are a
> >talking to an alien? Any Ideas? I like it but, I would like to know how
> >happened but, now it's back to normal.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Dusty
> That=B4s the Plan 9 Easter Egg. I don=B4t know what triggers it, but I
have =
> a
> package installed so that my dates are constantly full of aliens. Don=B4t
> know where to get the package, though... should be available at AMUG or
> other big Newton software collection.

The original method of getting the aliens to show goes like this:
1. Open your storage folder in extras and delete the time zones storage
soup. This will delete any cities you have added, so don't do this unless
you haven't added any cities.
2. Open your Time Zones app, and tap in the area of Arizona/California. You
should see a city pop up called Area 51.
3. Choose it, so it shows up down below, and close the TZ app. Now, when
you open your dates, you should see the aliens. Have fun.

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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