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> Hi,
> I need to solve this question once and for all if possible.
> Can I use a PCMCIA serial card on my MP2000 to synchronise/connect to my
> pc/mac?

I don't know, but I think it was mentioned earlier on the list.

> The reason I ask is, getting hold of the newton 2000 cable is next to
> impossible

do you really mean the cable, or do you refer to the dongle?
i bought a dongle from apple repair center in uk in addition to the lid of my mp2100.
It should not be so hard to get the cable or to make your own, if you have a soldering iron.

> here in the UK, and I'm now considering purchasing a serial pcmcia card
> at the cost of £100 pounds around $160 dollars, but in order to do so I
> need
> to be 100% sure it will work.
> A cheaper option would be a pcmcia network card or pcmcia modem card,
> but these options are not as versatile, ie terminal sessions, connection
> to externam modems, etc...
> Regards
> Tom.K
> UK

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