Re: NTLK Largest book created with Newt's Cape?

From: Loren Finkelstein (Loren@Finkelstein.Net)
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 10:27:47 EST

> From: Steve Weyer <>
> the last official "world's record" I had recorded a year or so ago
> (in
> is: "Mark Heringer holds the current Newt's Cape record for
> largest book (created on MP130):
> <A HREF="../../newtpkgs.htm#Heringer">Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains</A>
> is ~397 Landscape pages, 526K !"
> I also had gotten a report of a 1.3M package (688K compressed) created on
> eMate.
> there must be a few other/larger ones now...

On my Newton page http://Loren.Finkelstein.Net/Newton/ I have a package I
made of Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe". It's 1.3 megs on my desktop and 688k on
my MP. I made it with Newt's Cape on my upgraded MP2K. The size seems a
bit to coincidental. Are you sure you're not remembering that?


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