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>>You should be able to use either method with Newtons that support TCP/IP,
>>I think, although it may require a 2000/2100/eMate since I can't recall
>>if Newton Internet Enabler supported anything but dialup IP on models
>>before those three.
>I think there's a problem with the way Newtons handle TCP/IP, which
>prevents them from correctly accessing the internet through most hardware
>and software routers.
>Can anyone follow this up?


Works fine through my hardware Cisco ADSL Router and Ethernet thru my
USWest Megabit ADSL conenction to the Internet. I'm pretty sure I've
heard of other people here going through Vicom's software routers that
let you share one Internet connection/IP address with multiple machines
thru DHCP or NAT but havne't tried that myself (I have two IP addresess,
one for my Info-Newt server machine and one for my normal use. $8/mo
extra for the second IP address)

 - Bill


I have an old laptop running Windows NT 4.0 that has WinProxy (Shareware
Proxy server that runs on NT, 95 and 98 for those of you who don't know
about it. 4 concurrent connections for $50) running on it. The laptop is
very low power so I can just leave it running. The apartment is wired with
ethernet with connections wherever needed. DHCP runs on the NT box.
WinProxy connects to my ISP here in Germany over ISDN on demand. My Newt
picks up a DHCP address from the Windows NT box right here at my bedside and
I can do email and surf without any problem except that I have to make sure
that the accelerator in my Newt is throttled down.


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