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Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 01:25:51 EST

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Bill Davis wrote:

> Whoops, not quite! Looks like a typo there, Laurent! (Why'd these
> things have to have such similar names, Apple?)
> - Newton Connection UTILITIES (NCU) is for OS2.x Newtons
> - Newton Connection KIT (NCK) is for OS1.x Newtons
> - Newton Backup Utility (NBU) as I recall was used to backup my 1.3
> Newton as part of the 2.0 upgrade of my 120, but that's been a number of
> years and I may be misremembering. I think it _will_ work with 2.0
> Newtons though, but I'd use NCU instead. NBU is apparently just as
> stripped down/unfinished NCU...

... and just to confuse everyone even more, let's not forget the Revelar
Connection Utilities (RCU), a third-party app which allowed you to edit,
export, and import info in the normal storage soups (Notes, Dates, Names,
Calls, I/O box), print documents, take screen shots, and install packages.
Then also had a slimmed-down version called Notable that was just for
editing, exporting, and importing from notes.

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