Re: NTLK MP 100 install problem

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 11:07:39 EST

David Golden wrote:

> Hello All-
> I am trying to install some games into two Mp100's that I'm
> giving to my
> children. When I try Newton Backup Utility or Newton
> Connection Utility
> the units back up but then disconnect without letting me
> install. The
> strange thing is that I successfully installed one game into
> each MP
> using XPort a couple of weeks ago, but now I get a message
> telling me
> that the serial port is being used by another application (
> which is not
> true ). I've checked every pref that I could locate and made
> sure that
> my Palm HotSync is disabled. TIA for any and all assistance.
> Dave

That's because Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) and Newton Backup
Utilities (NBU) are both for MessagePads running the Newton OS 2.0 or
better. Your MessagePad 100 is running Newton OS 1.3, so they will only
let you do a backup, *NO* installation.

For your MP, you need the "Newton Connection Kit" (NCK), version 2.0 or
better. Problem is, I really don't know where you can find the beast. I
checked NewtonCage and NewtonMad image on and could only
find the Windows version of NCK, but no Macintosh version. BTW, the
Windows version can be found at:

<>, or you can look in:


If someone can chime in with the location of the Macintosh version, that
would be great!

Good luck!

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