Re: NTLK HOW PCMCIA modem and MP2100

Date: Sun Dec 26 1999 - 11:53:32 EST

    I had problems connecting to my ISP and downloading e-mail via Aloha with
my Keep in touch AT&T modem although it would fax. I started downloading
every modem driver I could find and trying it till I was able to connect with
one @ 14.4 baud. Using Modem modifier I copied and renamed that script and
modified it to connect at 28.8.

   This allowed me to download E-mail via Aloha only.

   I also had Dashboard installed and had been using the freeze script to
freeze a group of internet App what I noticed was that the package named
"Internet Enabler did not freeze or thaw using this script I must have frozen
it manually also after thawing I fornd that it still would not work till I
did a soft reboot.
   I hope this helps.


In a message dated 12/24/99 4:30:37 PM, writes:

<<     I just bought a MP2100 with an Apollo FM336 28.8/33.6 fax modem.  On

Len's Newton Bookmarks somebody posted saying they were able to use that

particular modem using the Megahertz Cruise 28.8 settings.


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