NTLK switching to PC status

From: Peter O'Keefe (pokeefe1@ic3.ithaca.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 26 1999 - 12:10:54 EST

Well, I just wanted to let everyone know how my switch went from a mac to a
pc. I am a serious mac biggot, but Im switching into computer science and
need a pc. I am running a 366PII machine.

--Installing windows 98 saved the day. 95 couldn't recognize even my
modem. I really like windows 98, believe it or not. Win95 sux in my
opinion though.

-- Installing newton stuff was cool. The installation went very
smooth. It seems like my copy of newton press (1.1) was made for win311
machines. Help? NCU runs very nicely. Unfortunately though, my laptop
has three(yes THREE) Irda ports and none of the work with my newt,
according to the read-me for NCU.

-- I connected the serial cable to my notebook--everything worked great. I
backed up my newton to it's new home for backups. Question: Can I
connect my newton 2k with the pcmcia 10baseT card I have used to connect
and backup to my 8500?

--Boy, is programming easier on a PC

I love my mac---but I've been able to get all the software that I had used
on my mac in PC versions.

I've been considering getting a IBM Workpad 740 that keeps showing up on
Ebay. It's a tablet windows-based machine. I don't know how it compares
to my newt. I know the screen is bigger. All I really use my newt for is
taking notes in my classes. (I have a habit of loosing anything made of paper)

If I have bought RCU for the mac---is there a version or a similar tool for
the PC?

Thanks---I love you people


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