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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 12:31:38 EST

kevin webb wrote:

> Hello Planet Folks,
> I have two questions for you.
> 1. Anyone have any thoughts on NCU and MacOs9? I have the upgrade CD but
> need to be able to connect with my Newton

NCU works well under OS 9. That's my setup.

> 2. I will be set up with a DSL connection in a few days. How do I make the
> best use of my Newton with my new setup. I know I will need to switch to
> Freewb or similar for dial up mail, but how do I use the Newton otherwise
> (with my DSL)

If you get something like a DSL-Ethernet router, then you would be able to setup
a small Ethernet network, meaning all computers on the network will be able to
access the internet simultaneously. For your Newton, you will need an Ethernet
card, like the Etherwave from Farallon. The only problem is that Farallon no
longer sells this card. You might be able to find one from time to time for
auction on eBay, or maybe Newton Classifieds, but that's pretty much it. I know
that there are other PCMCIA Ethernet cards that work in the Newton, but don't
have anything specific. Check the Newton Ethernet FAQ on Victor Rehorst's page
at <>.

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