NTLK Newbie NEWTON 120 (2)...

From: Lista_Newton@clube.interlink.com.br
Date: Tue Dec 28 1999 - 09:13:43 EST

People.. THANX!! I am now able to install packets, backup data,... from
my Newton to my Mac and from my Mac to the Newton.

I would like to know also about Internet... Is possible to connect to the
Internet with PM120 + NOS 1.3 (4643553)?
Is there any kind of PPP for me? Where could I d/l it? Does work NIE in my

If I am able to connect... what are the best softwares that could I use to
WWW and Email?
Well... I am Servers Manager in a Mac ISP (Servers are all Macs), and some
times I need to receive my Email when I am not in my house or im my city.

I would like, also, say that... all that I am able to do to help Newton
Users over Internet... any Internet solution.

Take a look at:

[[ ]]s, AllŪ.
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