Re: NTLK Syncronize Claris Organizer v2.0 with Newton 130 v2.0

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 01:59:49 EST

On 12/28/99 1:20 PM, Charles T. Olinda [] wrote:

>I need a method to synchronize my address book files
>and date book files with my Newton 130. I currently use
>the notepad function very regularly, but would like to
>use my Newt to the fullest ...If I have to change my
>PowerBook 1400c Organizer software from Claris
>Organizer 2.0 (good software) to another compatible
>Newton compatible software, this is OK. But I would
>prefer a AppleScript or something to fix the problem.
>Thank you ahead of time for your help in this area ...
>I love my Newton:-)
>Charlie Olinda

You can use Newton Connection Utilities to sync with Claris Organizer
2.0. It's one of the support apps for synching. Or you can even use
Palm Desktop 2.x; it's Claris Organizer renamed and enhanced to also
support Palm PDAs.

What "problem" are you having that you think you'd need an AppleScript to
fix, by the way?

 - Bill Davis

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