Re: NTLK Re: HOW does newton 2000 work with G3 Powerbook?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1999 - 02:00:23 EST

>I have another question. I use a USB serial adapter with a bunch of
>clunky cables to attach my MessagePad 2000 to my Powerbook G3. The
>bulkiness of the cables kind of defeats the beauty of having the Newtons.

Use Ethernet. Victor Rehorst's Newton Ethernet page lists cards and
drivers available for your Newton. Search Info-Newt (
for "rehorst" and you should find the URL.

You can even use IrDA for some things (installing packages, transferring
text or graphics) using Sloup or EETransfer. Alas, you CAN'T use IrDA
with Newton Connection Utilities though.

And hope for someone to do a driver for AirPort or WaveLAN cards....

>Do you have any other suggestions on programs (like Quicken)
>maximize this combination of Powerbook G3 and an iMacs?

PocketQuicken is no longer sold by Inuit for Newtons. Use PocketMoney
from Catamount ( instead.


 - Bill Davis

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