Re: NTLK wireless providers for the Newton?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 10:24:17 EST

On 12/30/99 10:05 PM, Darren Olofson [] wrote:

>Hello all,
>I own an MP2100 and recently came into owning a couple of Megahertz
>Allpoints wireless PC card modems that are compatible with the Newton.
>I'm now wondering if there's still a provider of wireless services that
>supports it. GoAmerica told me they don't do Newtons. WyndMail, judging
>by its site, seems to have morphed into a company specifically providing
>paging services for the deaf(?), and I can't find head nor tail of
>RadioMail. Those three are the only ones I've heard of.
>Thanks for any help you can give!
>Darren Olofson

I wish. In a few areas of the country Metricom/Ricochet provides
wireless access, but their modem ISN'T a PCMCIA card last I heard; it's
an external box. Someone from the Stanford NUG sent me email recently
from one.

Try,, or search Info-Newt for
"Stanford", fine the NUG meeting announcement a few weeks back and email
the person who sent it to them to ask more...but it's only available in a
couple of large cities (San Francisco Bay Area and I think maybe parts of
Washington DC, Seattle or NY, I don't remember exactly...although I think
they may have just or are going to be soon rolling it out to a few more
BIG cities soon)

 - Bill

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