Re: NTLK Switching to Palm

From: Chris Ruprecht (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 16:28:58 EST

>I've come back to the newt after switching to Wince then to palm. I'm
>almost happy to be back, the newt being more powerful then palm and much

I have a little Visor (Palm III look-a-like from Handspring) here
which I bought for a friend overseas. I had the opportunity to play
with it a little and I'm so happy to have a Newton ... The
handwriting on that thing is just plain awful. You have to write in
the style IT wants and not what YOU want to do.

>more friendly than CE, but I'm beginning to worry as I can't find a cable to
>connect the newt to my pc laptop. I like palm ok but I like the newt too,
>so I'm still straddling the fence a bit.

You should be able to get a simple PC to MAC serial cable (NOT!! the
Mac to Modem cable, that would not work!!). Don't go to you computer
shop and confuse the guys by asking for a Newton to PC cable, that
would probably blow their minds as they most likely have never heard
of a Newton other than in "Fig Newtons" - and it's kinda difficult to
interface those to anything but your taste buds ;).

Hope this helps a little.

Happy new year to everybody ...

Chris Ruprecht *
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