Re: NTLK Switching to Palm

From: Drew Loker (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 02:28:39 EST

>>I've come back to the newt after switching to Wince then to palm. I'm
>>almost happy to be back, the newt being more powerful then palm and much

I feel so bad. I help a guy in the office with a recommendation to buy a
Palm, for the simple reason that it would be easier to get support, help,
etc. Since then, I have played with his Palm, and it sucks!!! I have really
given it a few mimutes of effort, trying to be polite, and to find postive
things about it. It is not even small. His case compared to mine is a
non-issue. His is no more sticking in his pocket than my Newton. I am sure
the the thrid party enhancement software will make a WORLD of difference for
it, but in the mean time, it just plain sucks!!! And who is going to help
him figure out that there is software on the net he can install on it to
make his life easier? Nobody!! I should have recommended a Newton.
Currently, there are 5 Newton owners in my office (thanks to me) and there
have been as many as 7. When I get something new, I just walk by, and beam
it to them. I have got another guy wanting a PDA, and we are working to get
him a Newton...but then he is more of a computer user, etc. and he has used
both mine and the Palm and knows which is better. And then I just helped a
friend (not in my office) locate and buy a Newton. He is so excited! He
loves it and had tried several Palms out.

>>more friendly than CE, but I'm beginning to worry as I can't find a cable
>connect the newt to my pc laptop.

I am in the sam boat as you. I sold my last Mac about a year ago, and have
been really struggling with getting stuff on to my Newt. The good news is
that I rarely need to connect to a PC. But occasionaly I do. I couldn't get
it to work after numerous hours this past summer. But this Christmas break,
I got the Newt and PC to "talk"!!! I still have not gotten full function
yet, as I can not get NCU to work, but NBU is fully operational allowing me
to update and install new packages!! YEAH!!!

Sync and other features of NCU would be nice, but for 3 years, I have always
regarded the Newt as a stand alone, and it works quite well. Palm on the
other had, is a perfect addition to a PC. I could not imagine trying to use
the Palm for what I do. I wanted to share with you my expereice...maybe it
will help you. I don't know what you do, or what you are trying to do. I am
a teacher by day, and personal financial analyst by night. I manage a rather
crazy, constantly changing schedule. Some things are fixed, some change at
the last minute. I track clients, client contacts, future client contacts,
etc. For a real long time, I really tried to do client or lead development
(prospecting) on the Newton. It worked ok, but not for the numbers of
contacts/leads I have...probably close to 1000. Now these are not clients,
or friends, or anybody like that. THat is is JUST possible FUTURE clients. I
fought with the PC, the Newton, the PC and the NEwton, etc. THis is what i
finally came up with.

I do all of my lead CONTACT tracking on my laptop. IOW, while I am making
prospecting phone calls, I am 99% of the time infront of my computer and
Newton. I take notes on the laptop and track who and when I need to call
people. I use my Newton for managing my schedule, booking the visits,
reschedules, etc. So, until they have turned into a visit, they are just on
my computer. THen, once I have set the visit, I put them in the Newton until
I have finished the majority of my business with them. Then I transfer the
basic info to Names, and delete the Date entries. Then the rest of the
contacts with that client are logged in the computer.

Ideally, I realize that it would be nice to sync my PDA with all that is on
my computer. But, we come back to the fact that about all the Palm is good
for is review info...NOT managing or entering it!!! Don't get me wrong...I
know it can be done...just not as easily.

Just my 2 cents worth! :) But about the cable...

>You should be able to get a simple PC to MAC serial cable (NOT!! the
>Mac to Modem cable, that would not work!!).

Hmmm. I just made a cable and it worked. It didn't work at first, so the
next day, I was looking around at another computer parts store, thinking
about trying to make another (I figured I had messed up on the din-8
connector that was all sealed up wtih HOT Glue and basically unrepairable),
I ran accross a PC to Mac Serial Cable. Din8 to db9! WoW!!! And it was only
$4!!! I thought this was it!! So I tired it and could not get it to work.
After trying a few other things, namely, trying NBU, I was finally able to
get my homemade one to work, but STILL wasn't able to get the store bought
db-9 to din8 to work. ANd neither cable would allow NCU 1.0 or 2.0 to work.

Anyway, I just thought I would share my expereince with you about the NEwt
to PC issue and to warn you about that cable. I would not recommend making took hours!! At $20+/hour, I wasted about $60 (if I could have been
making that kind of money at 2am). Personally, I would spend the money and
buy it from one of the remaining Newton parts dealers.

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