Re: NTLK Switching to Palm

From: Chris Browder (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 09:46:38 EST

I sell Palm for a living (retail sales). Most people who get a Palm just
want what it is -- a Connected Organizer. I have seen (believe it or no)
SEVERAL dedicated Newton users come in and I have proudly displayed
whichever Newton I had with me. Some have switched over, I actually had
someone still using a MP100 he got BRAND NEW switch to a Palm IIIe just
for the smaller address book. For me, I can't live without my Newton. For
others, Palm may be their thing. Mom likes my MP and I am considering
gettin her a 120, at the same time, she also likes my Palm (which I don't
use much) - as to which she'd use more...I don't know.

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