NTLK Switching to Palm

From: Andrew Barton (andrew-b@cybase.co.uk)
Date: Sat Jan 01 2000 - 10:52:25 EST

Someone deep in a digest wrote about friends changing to the Palm platform.

I did and I regret it.

If you have an MP2000 or 2010 or eMate - forget it!

I had (have) a 120v2 and was frustrated by the lack of speed. MP2010s were
impossible to find in the UK 6 months ago (still are probably) so I went for
a Palm IIIx.

It is much faster than the Newt, but that is the only advantage apart from a
vibrant developer community. The Newt operating system is so much better in
every way. It's like jumping from MacOS 8.6 to Windows 95 - you can get your
work done but you know that there are so many better ways of doing things.

You might want to wait until MacWorld next week. I reckon that the
Palm/Apple handheld is going to be announced. It has been gestating for a
long time now and if Steve J supports it better than the Newt it could be a
killer product.

DON'T DO IT (yet)!!

Best Wishes

Andy Barton

(Still lurking on the list despite not using the Newt for 6 months -
nostalgia is a thing of the past)

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