Re: NTLK 56k modem string? Fast access? Best browser? Java Script? Expired certificates?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 03:40:19 EST

On 1/1/00 11:37 PM, Drew Loker [] wrote:

>Hello. I was hoping somebody might know some of these answers.
>1. I have a 28k modem that access the Net on my Newton just fine, but a
>little slow. At home I regulary get 48-52k connections depending on which
>computer/modem I am using. I have used the 56k modem on my Newton and it it
>connects and seems faster. Is there a place I can look that might have a
>better driver for my modem? I have 2 56k modems. One is a Motorola Mobile
>Surfer. The other is a really generic 56k modem that gets REALLY good
>connections (occasionaly a 53k).

Look for modem info in the FAQ for the Newton Community

or on DNUG Newton Versions (they have a modem page)

>2. BTW, can the newton even access at 56k? First, is there any way to tell
>how fast of a connection I have? I have tied the Modem SPeed Test page, but
>it requries a Java Script compatible browser.

Then you're out of luck. Newton's don't do JavaScript. There's no way
to tell your connection rate I know of on the Newton....and by the way,
the most you can actually get is 53k, not 56k....and most people never
see that much (usually in the 40's somwehere, higher if you're very lucky)

>3. I am currently using NetHopper. I know it is no longer supported. Is
>Newts Cape better than the last version of NetHopper? Are their any other

Newt's Cape definitely is much more powerful than NetHopper, and still
being supported and upgraded by Steve Weyer (who is a NewtonTalk
contributor). Buy it and support him!

LunaSuite is also available.

>4. Are their any solutions for dealing with sites with Java Script?

Nope. You're out of luck if the site REQUIRES JavaScript or Java.

>5. Are the expired certificates a problem?

I doubt it, I'm not sure any of the Newton browsers support 'em at all.
They're only needed for secure pages and I don't think any Newton
browsers support such pages.

 - Bill

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