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<< It is frustrating that you can't fuse the two technologies. I have both an
 2000 and a Palm III, and in my mind the one thing that gives the Newton a
huge edge is the Rosetta handwriting recognition engine. >>

   This for me is a major improvement over Graffiti SOMETIMES. On the other
hand Graffiti, which I have installed on my 2100,
also has it's strengths such as:
  it is far better suited for easy access to the full set of punctuation
  as well as acronyms that are not included in the user dictionary and
  those times when my Newton is feeling a bit finicky or
  I have a hangover.

  Also Newton larger screen and it's ability to rotate screen orientation is
for me the clincher as it makes Newton better suited for spread sheet, word
processing, web browsing, drawing (although I am still looking for software
that will do this more effectively than Works Draw i.e. I want Zoom and a few
other features) and other applications that benefit from the extra real

<<Using Graffiti too much hurts the hand.>>

  I do not share this experience

<< I miss the ability to write normally anywhere on the screen, using whole
words, and have it work.>>
It boggles the mind why Apple hasn't made Rosetta into a stand-alone program
for Palm and Windows CE. It'ple has a history of greedily hoarding it's
developments so as to coerce customers into choosing it's platform over
others rather than capitalize on porting it to other platforms.
  Had they beaten Microsoft to punch by porting the Mac OS to PCs and
compatibles (lets face it a Windows type OS for PC was inevitable why fight
it when you can lead it) they would be in a very different place right now
directing the entire PC market rather than competing against it.

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