Re: NTLK NOW Syncronize 2.1 or Claris Organizer 2.0 - HELP NEED

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:36:12 EST

On 1/2/00 8:44 AM, Chris Browder [] wrote:

>That is the thing! I have Palm Desktop because I HAVE a Palm but NCU
>can't access my files....

Works fine for me. It probably can't access your files. You can't have
Palm Desktop set to use the file you are trying to sync when using NCU to
sync - the little INIT that adds the Instant Palm Desktop menu icon in
the right side of the menu bar on your Mac keeps it open, so NCU can't
open it too to sync it. Create a new file with Palm Desktop and switch
to it before you sync with NCU, then switch back after sync. Note that I
_only_ sync FROM the Newton to the Palm as I have too much data that
needs cleanup to match the more limited Palm apps just yet to try
synching both ways.

Also, try synching with the "Organizer 2.0" file in the "Intellilink"
folder in your NCU folder (or rather, with a COPY of that file!). That
works too. Then use file->open in Palm Desktop to open it, or rename it
and replace the data file PD is currently opening, I think it's at:

Palm Desktop folder
     (folder with your name as entered on your Palm)
        User Data

You might possibly have trouble with type and creator codes, I have some
AppleScripts that change or toggle it, but I don't recall that I actually
needed it. I wrote 'em for others before trying it myself.

>and as for Qualcomm...I may not have looked as
>far as I thought, but I couldn't find Not Sync. But I'll look again.

>If Claris fails me I'm going to use Now! I just want a desktop backup of my

That's what I use Palm Desktop for, exactly.

>Thanks for the tips tho.


>And yes, I do like Enya ;)

Me too. And Clannad. And Enya's sister Maire Brennan (singer for
Clannad, also has solo albums). Also Loreena McKennit, The Corrs, The
Chieftans, etc.

 - Bill

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