Re: NTLK Pocket Quicken - help

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:22:08 EST

On 1/2/00 9:49 AM, Chris Browder [] wrote:

>Ok..I've got PQ installed and it works but I don't have "Quicken 5,
>Release 6" installed....Intuit's site only has Quicken 6 updates and
> how do I get the update I need? Any ideas, guys?

Are you using a Mac? I know for a fact that if you are using a non-y2k
compliant Quicken you can upgrade (to Quicken 98) for free from Intuit on
CD-ROM. See the Y2K report on MacInTouch ( for info.

I think you have to have at least QUICKEN '98 for Mac to be using a Y2K
compliant version.

If you have Quicken 5 or before, DEFINITELY upgrade. ASAP. I've not
tried Pocket Quicken Connect with Quicken 98 yet but I have been told it
still works by someone here on NewtonTalk.

 - Bill

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