Re: NTLK Downloading/E-mailing programs (Icons) to the newton

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:49:37 EST

On 12/30/99 3:40 PM, Peter Cross [] wrote:

>I have read in the manual for my MP2K (PDF version, thanks to all) that you
>can Email programs (icons) to a Newton, I have also seen on the list that
>you can download them. I have just a bare bones system with the In/Out box
>and Nethopper , No Games either :-( . Is it possible to get software in via
>either of these programs ?

Yes, you can find .pkg files for download at any NewtonMad mirror and
other places (there are some on Info-Newt's FTP site) (or something like that)

or possibly at

On the latter ftp site there are some .pkg files in various places, but
not all .zip or .sit or .hqx files have a .pkg counterpart. I tend to
download and post ALL formats available where possible, but I don't break
'em out of the archives if they aren't posted separately as .pkg's by the
software's creator.

Unfortunately, I have more bad news -- I don't think these will work with
NetHopper as it doesn't support ftp:// style addresses.

But if you can find the .pkg file you want to try on using another computer, just change the in the full URL to the file to start with instead and it'll work. (Sorry, can't
browse the file archive with the http address; Webstar doesn't appear to
allow it; for security reasons I think.)

Dunno if that'll work with DNUG - I doubt it, but you could write and ask.

>The reason I ask is I do not yet have a serial dongle and am desperate to
>try my network card in the Newt.

Ouch! I hope you plan to get one. You'll need it.

>I also read in the manual that the Newton can dial up a computer and dock
>over the modem. With Autodock on. When I put my modem card in, the Newt
>asks me what computer to dial up to dock. Is this possible or is it a
>incomplete feature (Like IrDA) .

I forgot about that option being there! Never tried it. Don't know it
it's supported or not! If you've got two phone lines, I'd fire up NCU on
one and hook it to one phone line and use the other on your Newton to
dial the NCU number. My Mac does list "Printer-Modem port" (My PowerBook
only has one serial port) and "Internal Modem". Of course, as you point
out, on MacOS 8.6 (or if you installed the Palm MacPac infrared stuff) it
also shows IrDA....and we KNOW that's not supported.

Give it a try! Or if you don't have two phone lines, let me know and
I'll try it sometime; I have two phone lines at home.

>As I said before I just want to get my
>Ethernet driver on this thing.

If you can get the downloading of packages working via modem or via
nethopper download, let me know and I'll post the Ethernet .pkg's to for you to download.

 - Bill

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