Re: NTLK Where's the NCU for Mac?

From: Peter Brewer (
Date: Thu Aug 30 1956 - 02:59:05 EDT

Hi Folks:

I may just be dense, but I have surfed extensively and I have not yet
found the NCU for Mac out there, except an expired beta version off of
the Apple page and elsewhere. The FAQ list notes there is an updater,
but that is for the 1.06b version, and the version available for
download is the 1.05b version. ZOn one page I found a program revision
to reset the date on the 1.05b version, but I don't have the knowledge
or experience to change program code. So far, if I want to use this
version I have, I have to reset my desktop clock to something before
1997 so I can use the NCU on my MP130. At this point I'm even willing
to spend money (it must be close after payday, or I'd never be bold
enough to say that) for the most recent NCU version. Where can I get
one? Or, where I can I get a package that does much the same thing, to
allow me to transfer data back and forth? Help!

Peter Brewer

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