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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:54:46 EST

On 12/29/99 10:48 AM, walter kwaan [] wrote:

>i'm curious how i can convert a pdf file into a newton book.
>i've read enough to guess that Book Maker is a good tool to look at, but i
>havent been able to find it. where can i get a copy?

I don't think there is any way to convert PDF files directly to Newton
books, but you could copy and paste stuff into NewtonPress. I think you
can still buy NewtonPress from Apple (probably Software Fulfillment) or
if not, you may be able to find it at NewtonCage or someplace.

BookMaker (came with Newton Toolkit) can also be used; you may be able to
find it with Newton Toolkit in the development area of Planet Newton.

>and is there a way to download html files into the newton w/o using newts
>cape? i just want to dump a buncha files in as a book, or somethign like
>that. aka a newts cape html->book like program for my mac.

Perhaps you aren't aware that Newt's Cape lets you make a NewtonBook from
HTML pages either on the web or various places on your Newt?

Or you could download 'em into a web browser like NetHopper that lets you
"lock" items into it's cache.

But I'd recommend you just get Newt's Cape and let it create NewtonBooks
from HTML pages for you. I think it'll read from the NotePad too or
even NewtonWorks (if you're on a 2x00 or Newton), so if you dump stuff to
them you could make a book with Newt's Cape. It'll also read from your
InBox so you could mail yourself the HTML text. (There's a size limit
on the notepad and probably the InBox too, so it'd be better to connect
to the pages on a web site and get them into Newt's Cape that way, if
they are large HTML files.)

There's even a plug-in now for Newt's Cape that reads Palm DOC
(AportisDoc) format books.

(I _gotta_ find time to look at Newt's Cape and the plug in. Soon.)

 - Bill

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