Re: NTLK help me !

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:54:30 EST

On 12/29/99 2:40 PM, [] wrote:

>I try to do connection to my french provider (wanadoo)
>I have configured correctly NIE 2.0 for my newton 2000 with my external
>modem apple

Is that the little "cigarette pack" black modem from the original
MessagePads? battery powered?

If so, that's a 2400 baud wouldn't surprise me at all if your
provider didn't support 2400 baud, or if it was so slow that it timed out
on you.

Try a gaster modem.

>however, when the modem have been connected, there is nothing more.
>after 1 minute, a window appear and tell me :
>" the internet enabler had a problem establishing the internet link (PPP
>negotation failed)
>you may need to try connecting to the internet again, or reset the
>Newton "
>I would like to know what happened please !
>thanks Paul (merci en francais !)

Sounds like your modem doesn't want to talk to your internet provider's
modem, or perhaps the provider was down...or you didn't properly provide
NIE Setup with the connection info or login info (the "negotiation
failed" is a probably indicator of improperly provided log in info.)

Please provide:
The connection info for your ISP (except your password or anything else
you want to keep secure; replace that with "fake" info). Tell us what
they told you to use to connect your PC or Mac.

The type of modem you are using, exactly (from your message it sounds
like the 2400 baud Apple modem, which is NOT a good choice for a network
connection; it's about 50 times slower than a 56K modem)

The settings you used in your Newton's Prefs app for your modem.

 - Bill

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