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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 00:55:14 EST

On 12/29/99 7:55 AM,
[] wrote:

>> Bill Davis <> WROTE
>> You can use Newton Connection Utilities to sync with Claris Organizer
>> 2.0. It's one of the support apps for synching.
>I try to synch NCU and Claris Organizer and never can.
>Does anyone attempt to ?
> What kind of exchange waere possible?

What do you mean by "never can". Do you get an error message? If so,

Describe the steps you took.

This DOES WORK. I've done it. So have others here. There are some
differences in fields/functions between the two products (as is true with
any two Calendars/addressbooks/etc) so that you may need to adjust your
Newton data slightly to account for them, but it works pretty well.

You can either export and import, or you can sync. I've done both. I
did it with Palm Desktop 2.1, which _is_ Claris Organizer 2.0 (slightly
updated for Palm support). I'd recommend always making changes on the
Newton, never on the Mac and just exporting or syncing in an outgoing
fashion (set NCU to "Newton wins" if there is a conflict).

Also note that if something has the file you are trying to sync with
open, such as the Instant Palm Desktop INIT (I think) that adds the
little icon to the right side of your menu bar with your current schedule
and other goodies on it, then that could be why you can't sync. Sync to
a different file, or switch to a different file while you sync, then
switch back.

 - Bill

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