NTLK NLTK: Re: Switching to Palm

From: Bill Moser (guillermo1967@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 02:09:48 EST

I'll buy the argument that Apple just isn't interested in doing it, but with
the cross-patent license that Microsoft has, they could probably do the work
with Rosetta themselves...worthy of pointing it out to someone in Redmond?

BTW, I find the Newton OS's cursive writer unworkable...I write in print
anyway, and it's close to 100% accurate.

I disagree with the WinCE hardware appraisal...the Casio E-105 has a 113 MHz
processor on it (seemed fast when I demoed it), and I think a 133 MHz model
is available from another manufacturer. It's taken a while, but the
Palm-Sized PC hardware is getting close to Messagepad capability. When they
break the 150 MHz mark, I'll have to consider switching. GUI problems aside,
a WinCE device is much closer in function to a Newton than a Palm OS device
is. The one thing that that platform seems to be lacking is the Newton OS's
tightly integrated handwriting recognition. And with the color screens and
MP3, WinCE has actually shot past the Newton OS in several ways.

Bill M

<<>It boggles the mind why Apple hasn't made Rosetta into a stand-alone
>for Palm and Windows CE.

My guess is that (a) they aren't interested in supporting other
platforms, or at least WinCE since MS isn't returning the favor. The
Palm's a more Mac-like platform anyway but (b) Rosetta probably takes
more a faster/powerful processor than the Palm has, or even most WinCE
boxes. I could be wrong, though - Paragraph's cursive engine
(Calligrapher) that originated on the Newton is available for WinCE
platforms but I don't know how well/fast it works. MS now has the rights
to Calligrapher (bought from Vadem)

- Bill>>

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