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> I'm going to be at Mac World for the whole event. Any other Newton Users
> planning to do the same? I didn't have mine with me last year or I could
> have waved it in Steve Job's face.
> I'll try again this year!
> Dale
> defy gravity!
> Hey Dale
Please do it. Be rude Dude. I just bought a new PC because I will not trust
Apple to do the right thing. I learned word processing on the Macintosh in
'87 but could never afford one. I bought a 120 Os 2 and was thinking of
going to a 2100 but again, PRICE was an issue. Then came that evil day....
(I remember well the incredible speed of recognition. THIS IS IT)....shortly
after an awesome test drive. I must be a sucker for punishment!!! Just tried
an Ibook.God how I hate Windows. Oh well, now I have a computer to connect
to at least. Been reading up on Linux and LANs so wish me luck in the new

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