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From: Adam Dunn (adamdunn@webtime.com.au)
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 04:13:40 EST


I've just attempted to Update my data from my MP100 to the My New Jewel
of an MP130 (Shut up, I'm a poor man) anyway, backed the MP100 up to NCU
(NCK files will not work in NOS 2.0 if you remember) transfered the files
over. Now being a tricky guy I stored most of my addresses on a 2mb card.
And Knowing the cards store seperately I placed another card into the
MP130 when it came her turn to do the backup schuffle. 90% beautiful
transfer, BUT, the addresses not go in. I looked in the Names File JIC
found 3 names under social. Ahh. The rest must be in their respective
folders. It's at this point that the Agro and error message -48420
arrived together.I can't change folders (only in the names file) at all
with out this little B$%#%$D raining on my parade.

Help me before this thing sends me prematurely Bald!!!


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"To promote the humanity of people with a disability"

Adam Dunn Co-ordinator

Alina N. Long Suffering Co-worker

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