Re: NTLK newt's fatal flaw

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 14:25:54 EST

"Olson, Ray BGI SF" wrote:

> Marco Mailand wrote:
> >I would be able to do that work and write an application for both
> >platforms. I mean one source code for Mac and Win. Compiled would the
> >application become relatively big, but hey, who cares about HD space and
> >RAM. I can receive and send serial data streams and can program
> >calendar, notes and names appearance including all MoreInfo stuff, BUT I
> >can not do much on the Newton side and I do have absolutely NO clue
> >about the NOS backup data stream or handshaking procedures nor do I know
> >sufficiently much about the major Newton soups, in order to use them as
> >they are.
> >That sounds good, if there is a need for a Newton program at all. I
> >think the major lack is at the desktop side. Which program has all the
> >features of the Newton? I miss so many things, like MoreInfo links or
> >multiple clipboards with the easiness of NOS on my WinNT box and also
> >some on my Mac and that keeps me using my Newton as more or less
> >standalone device.
> I would gladly pay 40 - 60 dollars to have this application as I use
> Microsoft Outlook every day. Outlink only gets me about 40% of sync
> capabilities (not very good with names), and it looks like nobody is
> working on enhancing this application.
> How about hooking Newton Notes to Outlook Journal entries? If you do this,
> then I believe you can use all of the features on MoreInfo as Well. Links
> to contacts, meetings, etc.

That brings an interesting thought: if we could get access to all those piece
of codes that synch with such and such, that would certainly help to get a good
start. You know, I'm a programmer, and, by nature, am a bit 'lazy', so
everytime I can do without re-inventing the wheel, I prefer that way... ;-)

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