NTLK FS: Newton MP2000 w/ lots of extras

From: manderson@shipley.com
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 15:15:52 EST


 I am looking to sell my Newton MP2k system. Here are some details:
> It is a MP2000 - not a 2100, not an upgraded 2000.
> Not originally mine (I sold my original one after the Apple bail-out,
 traded my way back in)
> System is in great shape
> Screen is in excellent shape
> Full system including keyboard
> Original package including all manuals.

 Here are some of the extras:
> PDA Panache stylus
> 3CD collection of shareware, sites, info, etc...
> 2 leather cases - one small one (Newt only) the other is for the full
 system and lots of other stuff.
> Megahertz Cruise Card 28.8 modem.
> 4 memory cards 8MB, 2MB, 2MB and 1MB
> AC adapter
> 2 Rechargable battery packs
> Extra OMP stylus
> Extra serial cable
> Latest ROM and update CD from Apple

 Here are the negatives:
> The software is on CD-R's. That is the way I got them (I didn't get
> The original MP2k stylus is missing.
> Missing one tab on cover holder
> The original canvas case is missing.

 OK, there is my full disclosure of the system.

 I am selling it for $550 which includes 2nd day Fedex shipping. Please
 contact me by email if you are interested.



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