Re: NTLK newt's fatal flaw

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 07:40:09 EST

Laurent Daudelin schrieb:
> What framework are you using? Last time I checked, the Mac ToolBox was pretty
> far from being compatible with the MFC for any GUY related stuff...
It's called LabVIEW and it is made for communication with measurement
devices like ADCs, DACs, Oscilloscopes and things like that. It handles
the serial ports, ethernet, GPIB and several other common communication
protocols by means of built-in drivers. Each program consists of a front
panel with buttons, pulldown menus, lamps and displays as well as of a
diagram with the graphical program. The latter is the program and
describes the data flow between data sources and destinations. Drivers
or subroutines are represented as small icons which will be connected
with wires on the diagram. There is NO line source code, everything is
graphically and the sources are interchangable between MacOS and
Windozes. One can compile the programs into standalone applications and
I have access to both platforms but can compile only on Win for now
(MacOS compiler costs 1.7kCHF :-(((

> I have some NewtonScript knowledge, would probably to be able to look and
> understand the structure of the needed Newton soups, but I've never did any
> communication or backup related stuff.
As I never did.

> I don't think that there is a single program that has it all. I've heard
> people saying good things about the Palm Desktop application (defunct
> ClarisOrganizer), but that's it.
CO has some sort of linking abilities but it does NOT take anything from
MoreInfo and can only link Names with dates and notes. Notes in CO can
not have graphics nor HW text.


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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