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>Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 23:50:29 -0600
>From: Bill Davis <newton@ecity.net>
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>On 12/30/99 5:40 PM, Dale T. Steele [mailto:dsteele@igc.org] wrote:
>>I am now working In an NT environment and appletalk is no longer available.
>>Will I be able to get my MP2lOO to print?
>Complain to your IT people about turning off AppleTalk. There's no good
>reason or excuse for that. They are supposed to support YOU, not inhibit
>you. Turning off AppleTalk is a network manager being tyrannical, not
Good luck!! Our IT folks act like the Dilbert "Modack, The Preventor of
Information Services". We have a Novell network and have paid for the
Mac network options but they absolutely refuse to turn it on because, "We
don't support Macs". Now, with OS-9, Mac users are running our own
network and file sharing over TCP/IP.

Mark Ross

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