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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 02:56:55 EST

On 1/5/00 9:25 AM, Josh Burker []

>Well Mark, if you want to be super sneaky behind the IT guy's back (and as
>an IT guy I know how riled I get when people do this, but my people
>aren't this clever):

No offense meant and I can understand the need for certain amount of
control and standardization (I'm an IT guy too) but if your users are
having to sneak around behind your back to get their work done, shouldn't
that tell you something? ;-)

>take a serial cable and connect it to any old Mac
>around the office, in the printer port. Then go to Apple's Software
>Update page and download the veritable old Laserwriter Bridge. Put it on
>the Mac, activate it (it's a control panel), and restart the Mac. You
>will then be able to connect to the Mac using the serial cable, and should
>have network services provided through serial. Simply set up a new
>worksite, designate your internet prefs as being provided through the
>serial connection, and voila, you have you MP2100 on the network, able to
>print once again. Hallelujah!

That's a good tip, but that product isn't supported with MacOS 8.5 and
later and has problems.

There is a harware solution for this too (from various vendors). I have
one at home myself, the Farallon iPrint LT, because I have an old
Localtalk laser printer, and an old MP100 too. I normally use Ethernet
for my 2100 and PowerBook G3, and my ADSL 'Net connection, so this lets
me access older equipment.

 - Bill

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