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Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 03:17:11 EST

Without getting back into a religous war....
> >Subject: RE: NTLK Macworld
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> >> Let's see. You don't trust Apple, but you do trust the PC world? Have I
> >> got this right?
> >
> >>No, I don't "trust" the PC World. Neither am I dependent on the whim of any
> >one person.
> >> Jon.
> Sure you are -- Bill Gates. I'll take Jobs and Apple over Gates and
> MicroSquish ANY day.
> - Bill
Not true - there's a number of OS's, all of which run perfectly well on the PC platform -
including a 'win 32-compliant' NON MS OS which is in late Alpha in Aus at present.

Psion doesn't have one man directing its fate. Palm had 2 - but now they're Visor :-)
WinCE has a large number (as we all know!) of hardware suppliers, most with their own
'tweaks' on the OS.

Re DTops, Apple is the _only_ major hardware supplier (except for maybe Sun? - but they're
now supporting NT also) that ships only its own OS. (Hmmm - I'm - obviously- on the PC
side. How does NEXT fit into this? ;-)

Its also got a lousy track record with partners - apart from all the Newt
suppliers/programmers that were *$%%$$ed over when A pulled the Newt rug from under them,
what happened to the Mac clones?

Contrast MS - who, while I dislike them severely, *do* know how to deal in partnerships -
even if they do the *exclusive partnership* (ie you can't sell anyone elses' stuff) thing
to death - which is why we hate them...

Sorry - to restate the above: The PC world is *not* 'dependent on the whim of any one

Mac and Apple owners (of which I am one - 6 Newts and a PPC over the years, 2xMP2k's at
present) are _solely_ dependant on Apple - which is being driven by one person.

I'll never buy another (new) Apple - they make great products but have a _real_ bad
customer orientation.
Remember: they're there for my benefit, not me for theirs.
Having stated which - I love my Newt, and am hanging out for *anything* to come close. As
previously posted - I'm picking a few years yet......

'Ink different'! (all flames off-list, please: )

Thanks - and I'll go back to my corner quietly now...


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