NTLK Where can I get an E&B glove case?

From: Amy (tekkie@earthling.net)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 05:06:12 EST

Hi guys,

     I'm looking to buy an E&B glove case for my MP2k+. I want to carry
it with me everywhere and currently my Dayplanner-style case is not only
likely to break the port door off, but it's also rather bulky considering
I don't use its interior filing pockets. I want something very slim to
pop my Newton into so I can put it into my shoulderbag and not worry
about it. I decided on the E&B because it's got the stiff cover to
protect the screen (it already has one little ding, no need for another!)

     I emailed the E&B folks at eandbco@earthlink.net but no response. It
could be that they're just not getting my email; lots of ISPs seem to
block @Home. But it also could be that I'm never going to get a response.

     So is this the right email addy? And if so, is there a back-up
plan/place to get an E&B glove in case I never get a response?

     Thanks all!


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