Re: NTLK Where can I get an E&B glove case?

From: T.M. Camp (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 08:14:29 EST

>At 05:06 AM 1/6/00 -0500, Amy wrote:
>>I'm looking to buy an E&B glove case for my MP2k+.
>E&B can be reached through their website at <>. If
>you want to send mail, try

As near as I can tell from searching the site, they're not selling gloves
anymore. No answer from email, either. Anybody got a better source? I've
been looking everywhere for something, preferebly play through, definitely
black, certainly affordable, hopefully available. The Glove has been the
only thing that seems to fit the bill, if I can find one.

Any ideas?

T.M. Camp
   Fusionary Media
   Grand Rapids, MI 616.454.2357 voice

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