NTLK ADVICE: iMac to Newton 110 / USB to Serial

From: Rod Martin (rodm@picknowl.com.au)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 22:52:30 EST


This is my first query to Newton Talk and someone may be able to help

I'm wanting to connect my Newton 110 to my iMac (original Bondi Blue)
for the purpose of
talking to the Mac version of the Newton Connection Kit (NCK) program
(for backups etc.)

As you probably know iMacs only have USB ports (no serial, no Appletalk).

Keyspan make a USB to serial adaptor (I think they make two?) for iMacs.
Will one of these allow me to connect my 110 to my iMac and use the NCK?

Or putting it another way - do you know if the Newton 110 can connect to
a Mac's (any old Mac) modem port to use the Connection program. If so,
then I believe this indicates that I can use the Keyspan adaptor on my iMac.

BUT will there be a problem with Serial/USB device drivers in the NCK
not knowing anything about USB etc?

Has anyone done anything like this with an iMac??

Thanks for any help,
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