Re: NTLK NIE, EnRoute excess baggage?

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 02:28:13 EST

 Also, if I am using SimpleMail,
which EnRoute Items can be dumped?

Here is the list (T=Thawed, F=Frozen):

EnRoute Core T - X
EnRoute Internet T - X
ISP Templates T
Message Signature T - x
Enroute Rule Editor F - X
inet Text Encoding F - x
Message Rules Filter F - x
Message Size Filter F - X
POP List Manager F - X
Resolve inet URL F - X
Internet Setup F (I thaw it when I need it)
Net Hopper F (I thaw it when I need it)
Newton Internet T
NIE Modem & Serial T
SimpleMail T
Text Stationary T
PersonURL F (this is from stand alone and I can't recall what
exactly I need it for, so I have it frozen)

Thanks for any recommendations. BTW, I tried NewtsCape. Maybe it just takes
some getting used to, but I thought it was REALLY awkward. NetHopper seems
so much easier to use.

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You can safely remove all pkgs with an - X. As for Newtscape, that was my exact feelings on my first encounter. To give you a more familiar webpage look as per Net Hopper, go to General Preference - Other Options - set Ignore Tables to Yes.

Spend some time in Newtscape, you won't regret it. There are some features in there I wish Netscape has them.

Kenny Song
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